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  1. Little hogs on back of large sow, image from aAn Exhaltaion of Larks, illustrated book of collective nouns
    this little piggy

    This is all about me trying to get a job…

  2. THIS is an EXCLAMATION mark !
  3. BENEFICIARIES ARTS Application Pack
    1. Arts, Culture And Heritage sector advert Downloaded
    2. Arts, Culture And Heritage sector guidelines Downloaded
    3. Application form 1 Downloaded
    4. Application form 2 Downloaded
    5. Business plan template – Generic Downloaded
    6. Business plan template – Generic (Download Here) – DOES NOT DOWNLOAD
    7. Budget template – Small Grants Downloaded
    8. Budget template – Medium Grants Downloaded
    9. All sector Conduit form Downloaded
    10. All sector statement of Income & ExpenditureDownloaded
    11. All sector Capacity Building Plan Downloaded